Bad Habits Which Prevent Penises From Reaching Their Full Potential

Bad Habits Which Prevent Penises From Reaching Their Full Potential

Are you like millions of men around the world who wish to have a larger penis? This is normal – and possible, too. In fact, there are many ways to increase the length and girth of the penis – by using penis extenders, jelqing, and making sure that you are cholesterol free by undergoing diet and exercises. All of these procedures have one thing in common – a huge amount of Herculanean effort and Spartan-like discipline.

The maximum length the penis can improve in length is less than an inch, given the procedures described above. Some may think that this small difference in length is not worth the effort of wearing a penis extender for more than a year, or to undergo a strict diet and exercise. This is the reason why most men resort to pills and creams instead, which sadly, does not work at all, or may even have side effects.

The worst part is, many males forego making any effort at all, all the while thinking that their habits do not in any way affect the way they perform in bed. The truth is, health has so much to do with sexual performance and erection. In fact, when one begins to experience some sort of erectile dysfunction, one should not blame it on stress or old age. Having an erectile dysfunction can be a sign of an impending heart disease.

The penis works in a simple way – once aroused, the penis’ complex network of blood vessels fill up with blood and become rock hard. When a person always eats cholesterol rich foods, consumes alcohol constantly and smokes often, the blood vessels’ linings get thickened with fat and becomes narrow, making it difficult for blood to circulate, hence, weak erections.

Hamburgers, greasy fries, salted snacks and deep fried fat are just some of the foods one should avoid. Leading a sedentary life sitting infront of the computer all day can also lead to bad circulation which impede erection.

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