The Truth Behind Penile Extenders

With all the supplements, creams and device which help increase the length and girth of the penis abounding the Internet, one can’t help but think, are all of these effective? Some people attest to the effectiveness of these products however, some people say otherwise.


One of the most popular male enhancement procedures is the use of a device called a penile extender. Penile extenders are small, handy devices which are worn on the penis. These are undetectable and can be worn underneath trousers or loose jeans. They can be worn in the office or when going out. They don’t hamper when the user is sitting or walking around.


The idea is to place the penis in this lightweight contraption. One end of the penile extender is placed at the base of the penis, while the other end is clamped on the head of the penis, stretching it just a little bit. Tensile strength (with the use of springs or rubber bands) or screws are used to stretch or extend the penis. Adjustment is made a few millimeters each month.


Though some may think that stretching penises using such contraptions is highly absurd, there may be some validity to it. When a piece of skin has been stretched for long periods of time, what happens is, more skin is being produced. This is highly evident among women who have just given birth – the skin around the belly produces more skin cells, and after giving birth, some women’s bellies shrink, but rarely do they go back the same way pre-pregnancy.


In the case of the penis, most men use the penile extender way beyond 9 months, making it more effective and permanent. Also, the penis is not made of muscle tissue, but a network of blood vessels which actually adjusts its length in accordance to the growth of the penis. This means that the penis does not only increase length in flaccid state, but also when erect.

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