How Artherosclerosis can affect Penis Length

With age, it is normal for males to experience erectile dysfunction, however, one should also keep in mind that erectile dysfunction can also be caused by a deeper, much more serious health issue.


The penis contains a network of blood vessels, nerves and tissue. When aroused, it fills up with blood to produce a full-fledged erection. When a male who is supposed to be at his prime is experiencing weak erections, one must take a look at his lifestyle. Does he lack in exercise? Does he consume a daily meal of unhealthy foods rich in cholesterol?


Artherosclerosis is a condition in which the arterial walls thicken with fatty deposits caused by cholesterol. It does not limit itself to a specific part of the body – as long as there is a blood vessel, fatty deposits may cling to its walls. The penis, with its complex network of blood vessels, is no stranger to this. The fat lining along the walls of the blood vessels within the penis is the main reason why he may be experiencing weak erections.


In this case, weak erections can be a sign of artherosclerosis so you might want to see a doctor when you suddenly notice a decline in the quality of erections. Most likely, the doctor would suggest a change in healthy lifestyle and some supplements that can help combat cholesterol.


The good news is that only do you get to treat your artherosclerosis, you may notice a slight increase in penis size as well. This is because the fatty deposits have dislodged itself from the arterial walls and blood can now circulate effectively within the penis’ chambers, thereby creating more rock solid erections and increased length of penile length and girth. Also, by this time you may have already lost a significant amount of pot belly, which can impede the base of your penis in the first place, making it look smaller.

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