How the Manzillian Can Make You Look More Manly

If females get Brazilian waxes, which leaves their pubic region completely hairless, a Brazilian wax performed on males is also available. Otherwise called the Manzillian, the process is basically the same – removal of pubic hair by applying a thin film of warm wax – then yanking abruptly to remove the pubic hair.

Many salons offer this discrete service and may not even be available on the menu. But the service is there, whisper a quick “manzillian” or you want to remove “Saturn’s rings” they quickly nod and direct you to the nex available, secluded waxing room.

Though most males cringe at this bizaare and torturous ritual, waxing does have its benefits. First of all, waxing leaves your nether regions clean. Though of course at first your skin may get a bit irritated if this was your first time to wax your pubes (or any part of your body) but after applying a soothing cream given at the salon after the procedure, your skin will feel much better.

Also, waxing makes your manhood look longer and larger. Do you know that a thick set of pubes actually make your penis look smaller? If you have a forest down there, try to press your pubes down to the base and see the exposed skin at the base of your penis. That’s how your long your penis should be.

Aside from hyegine and making your penis look larger, waxing actually makes your balls itch less. Waxing reduces the times your partner have to look away in embarrassment while you reach for your crotch for a quick scratch. It also leaves your underwear less smellier, too.

A Manzilian sure has its benefits but if you decide to get yourself one, be sure to prepare yourself for some pain. Waxing is never a walk in the part. Be sure to take 2 tablets of painkillers before embarking on this adventure. Good Luck.

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