A Safe Way to Enlarge Your Penis

Are you considering adding a few inches to your penis? Well, then you might have also heard about the numerous products and surgeries which can make this possible. They will work for you but are not the safest way to get that length and girth.

A safe way to achieve a larger penis is the penis enlargement exercises. Many men have tried them successfully.

These exercises aim at increasing the amount of blood trapped in the shaft during an erection. They allow this in two ways, promoting cell multiplication in the corpora cavernosa muscles and strengthening the pubo coccygeal muscles enabling maintenance of a big erection.

One common penis enlargement exercise is the jelq. It involves stretching the shaft while the penis is semi erect. You use the index finger and thumb to stretch the penis along its shaft repeatedly.

Stretching involves encircling the shaft with the two fingers and then stretching from the base towards the head. Lubrication will be needed to prevent skin and tissue damage.

Another stretching method involves using the hands or weights to stretch the penis while it is flaccid. To perform this exercise, hold the penis at the head (or tie a weight to it) and stretch. Do not pull to points where it becomes painful. Hold for about 10 seconds and then release.

The kegel is a penis enlargement exercise which involves flexing the pubo coccygeal muscles. These muscles play two major roles during intercourse. The first is to control the blood flow into and out of the penis. The second is to control ejaculation.

Flexing these muscles allows for more blood to be trapped in the shaft making the penis bigger. In addition, you will be able to control ejaculation easily.

To flex these muscles, tense the muscles right between the scrotum and anus. Hold for 3 seconds and release repeatedly.

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