Eat Your Way To Larger Erections

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Did you know that a healthy diet, a little grooming and lots of exercise can actually make your penis larger? A little knowledge on what the penis is made of and how it works can definitely give you an advantage of creating quality erections. It would also give you an idea why penis stretchers and … [Read more...]

Erection Foods

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Ever since time immemorial, men have the notion that bigger is always better. The Ancient Egyptian Pharoahs have outdone each other in creating the bigger pyramid. Ancient Chinese emperors and Mongol warriors have competed in having the largest territory. Different countries have competed who … [Read more...]

Black Berries Defeat Blue Balls

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Have you felt that your erections have failed you before? Do you feel inadequate and small? There is a possibility that the correct healthy diet will improve your erections. A detox could be in order! Erections are not created by muscles flexing the penis to raise and harden. In fact, penises do … [Read more...]

Enhance Your Manhood with Natural Omega 3 Fatty Acids

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There are many male enhancement pills out in the market promoting “healthy ways” to emphasize your manhood. Usually, the labels would contain telltale ingredients such as “synthetic testosterone”, “plant hormones” or “synthetic Omega 3”. Be wary of these labels as they usually do not … [Read more...]

Chocolates and Male Enhancement

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We all know that chocolates are aphrodisiacs, but before you give that box of chocolate to your girlfriend as an anniversary gift you might want to help yourself with some, too. According to research done on the properties of chocolates, the darker ones (usually 80% and above ones) contain large … [Read more...]

Want A Larger Manhood? Do the Blackberry Detox

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Your girlfriend or lover may have told you lots of times that size do not matter. Well in fact, this is true. The penile size itself is not a contributing factor to the quality of sex couple experience. What contributes, though, is the quality of erection. Many online scams offering pulling or … [Read more...]