Penis Enlargement Exercises Tips

Safe Ways to Increase Penis Size


Since the dawn of history, Man has been obsessed with being the biggest, having the most and being the most powerful. And what could be a more manly symbol than the penis?   The average penile size, when erect, happens to be 5.5 to 6.2 inches long. If your penis falls within this category … [Read more...]

The Truth Behind Penile Extenders

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With all the supplements, creams and device which help increase the length and girth of the penis abounding the Internet, one can’t help but think, are all of these effective? Some people attest to the effectiveness of these products however, some people say otherwise.   One of the most … [Read more...]

Bad Habits Which Prevent Penises From Reaching Their Full Potential

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Bad Habits Which Prevent Penises From Reaching Their Full Potential Are you like millions of men around the world who wish to have a larger penis? This is normal – and possible, too. In fact, there are many ways to increase the length and girth of the penis – by using penis extenders, … [Read more...]

Which Factors Affect Penis Size?

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Around 90% of men think their penises are small, and that it would be great if somehow they can make it bigger. They may or may not know it, but the average penis falls betweein 5 inches to 6.2 inches erect. Around 95% of the male population have penises which fall under this category. There are … [Read more...]

How Can Jelqing Increase Penile Size?


If there is a way to increase penile size while staying longer in bed, then it is the use of the Jelqing Technique. Jelqing was believed to have started in the Middle East when fathers prepared their coming-of-age sons for sex.   Jelqing is highly effective as it is all-natural—no … [Read more...]

Enhance Your Manhood with Natural Omega 3 Fatty Acids

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There are many male enhancement pills out in the market promoting “healthy ways” to emphasize your manhood. Usually, the labels would contain telltale ingredients such as “synthetic testosterone”, “plant hormones” or “synthetic Omega 3”. Be wary of these labels as they usually do not … [Read more...]